Prep for Move

Preparing for Your Move

Planning ahead will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. We have compiled this checklist to assist you in organizing your move.

4 Weeks Before You Move
  • Set up a separate file for all move related expenses.
  • Determine which items to discard.
  • Schedule a garage sale.
  • Donate items to your favorite charity for possible tax deductions. You may want to consider Purple Heart, AmVets, The Salvation Army or The Red Cross.
  • Use the Post Office change of address cards to notify the Post Office and all others of your new address.
  • Call or write for copies of all medical records, school transcripts, etc.
  • Make a floor plan of your new home and begin to decide where you furniture will be placed. This will also help you decide what items you may want to dispose of now.
  • Transfer you various financial accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, stockbrokers, etc.
  • Check the auto licensing requirements for the state you are moving to, or inform your current motor vehicle department of your new address if you are moving within the state.
  • If you are being relocated at your company’s request, find out what portion of the moving expenses the company will pay. If your company has a written policy, request a copy for your review.
  • Begin using up the contents of your freezer and cupboards.
  • Return items you have borrowed (including library books) and retrieve items you have loaned.
  • Arrange with your employer to forward tax-withholding forms.
2 Weeks Before You Move
  • Arrange travel plans, including airline and hotel reservations. Service the car if you are driving to your new home.
  • Contact your local utilities and notify them of the disconnection dates.
  • Empty your medicine cabinet. Discard outdated medications, and refill the prescriptions that you need.
  • Have your pets inoculated if necessary, and arrange for shipping to your new home.
  • Confirm with your Joyce Move Coordinator any extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods to another location other than the main origin and destination points.
  • If you have not yet sold your home and will be leaving it unoccupied, check with your insurance agent to make sure you are fully covered. Many policies have clauses that exclude coverage if the house is unoccupied.
  • Dispose of all flammables such as: fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches and aerosols. Drain fuel from all lawn equipment. Refillable propane tanks must be purged and sealed by a propane dealer.
1 Day Before You Move
  • Remove anything that might spill or break from all drawers in the house.
  • Wash laundry you need.
  • Remove all items from the walls that are not included in the sale of your house. Leave mirrors and pictures on the walls for movers to pack.
  • Set aside and pack the things you will need immediately at your new home and clearly mark “open first”.
  • Pack your suitcases and anything you will need for the trip to your new home
Move Day!
  • Go through the house with the movers as they inventory and tag your possessions. Be sure you agree with the exact condition of each item as it is recorded on all forms.
  • On pack day make sure valuables such as jewelry, cash, coin collections, stock certificates, etc. do not get packed. • Point out to the movers any items that are fragile or require special handling.
  • Once the van is loaded, tour the house a final time to make certain everything has been loaded, switches are off and windows are locked.
On Delivery Day!
  • Examine your furniture and possessions while the van is being unloaded. Record any loss or damage on the inventory forms. If you have declared “high value” items, locate and carefully review.
  • Show the crew where you want the furniture placed. They will reassemble any items they disassembled such as beds, dressers, mirrors and furniture legs.
  • Open all boxes and note any and all damage before the crew departs.