Local & Interstate Moving

Local Moving

Moving to another home within one state is considered a local, or intrastate move. The cost to make a local/intrastate move may be based on the time it takes to load and deliver, or by the weight of your load. Upon contacting Joyce Van Lines a moving consultant will help you to determine the size of the truck needed, the best logistics, equipment and pricing. Time Based Moving – Based on the actual time it takes to move your furniture and boxes from one home to another, including travel time from the movers’ facility to the first home, and back at the end of the day. The hourly rate is based on the appropriate crew size needed to efficiently complete the move (number of movers and trucks). If more than one day is needed to complete the move, travel time is added for each additional day of service.

cusotmer support
Customer Support

Weight Based Moving – Based on the actual weight of your furniture and boxes, and the distance to your new home. When the move is over 100 miles, weight based moving is the standard. The actual weight is determined by weighing the truck before and after your things have been loaded onto it. The difference between these two weights will be your shipping weight. While your Joyce Van Lines representative will determine the most economical type of pricing for your move, you can be assured that all furniture will be prepared for the move with the greatest care using quilted moving pads, and paper/stretch wrapping on all upholstered furniture. Once you book your move with Joyce Van Lines, you will be introduced to an internal customer support person who will be available to assist you throughout your move. Your customer service person will call you to introduce themselves. You will also be given an after hours contact information and e-mail addresses so you can always contact us. Communication and attention to all details enables us to provide you with the elite service you should expect and deserve. Your internal customer support person will call you the day prior to your move to confirm crew arrival time and answer any questions that you many have. All details will be reviewed with you at this time.


The cost to make an interstate move is based on the weight of your load, and the distance to your new home, determined by zip codes. The moving truck is weighed before and after your belongings have been loaded to determine the actual weight used to calculate final charges. TransportationAs an independent, licensed 48-state carrier, Joyce Van Lines, Inc. is strategically positioned througout the U.S., capable of loading and delivering to all points with guaranteed dates. Upon contacting Joyce Van Lines, a moving consultant will help by estimating the weight of your load, and by creating a cost-effective move plan that includes the size of the truck needed, the best logistics, equipment and pricing. Transportation Transportation includes padding, loading, transporting, inside delivery and reassembly of your belongings. The cost to make an interstate move is based on the weight of your belongings and the distance they travel (determined by zip codes). The shipment weight is determined by weighing the moving van before and after loading. The difference between the tare weight and gross weight determines the net weight of your belongings, and is used to calculate your final charges. Joyce Van Lines welcomes you to view the weighting of your moving truck at origin because this eliminates any question over the net weight of your load, and the need for a re-weight at destination.

Inventory Control
inventory of your belongings
Inventory Control

Prior to moving your shipment from your home, our driver will prepare a descriptive inventory of your belongings. He/she will also make notes concerning the physical description of each piece (noting the pre-existing condition and damage if any). Upon delivery, check off your belongings as they are taken off the truck and note any exceptions to the inventory prior to the driver leaving your home.

Items Too Dangerous To Ship

Non-allowable items For everyone’s protection, it is important to know the items that are too dangerous to carry due to the potential of fire or explosion. Some of these items include: aerosol cans, explosives, flammable items, hazardous chemicals, matches, open liquids, paint, perishables, pressurized cans, thinners, turpentine and bleach. Industry tariff and Cargo Protection Plans explicitly state that jewelry, cash, stamps, and coins are not covered. Therefore, Joyce Van Lines recommends that you carry your valuables. Joyce Van Lines is happy to carry these items for you, once a High-Value Declaration Form is completed and signed.

Book Your Move
Book Your Move
Book Your Move!

Please book your move with Joyce Van Lines by calling 1-800-451-0653 as far ahead as possible, in order to obtain the optimum moving dates that you require. Joyce Van Lines guarantees its customers the elite, quality service that they have come to expect and will not over book. May through September are the busiest months for moving. The last weeks of each month are the busiest weeks since this is when the most house closings occur and leases expire. Upon booking your move, you will be assured your dates and crew has been reserved. You may change your dates after you’ve booked, as long as there is availability on the new dates that you’ve selected. We are happy to take short notice moves and have the capacity to provide excellent service even with same day notice. Joyce is flexible and accommodating, but recommends booking your move at least seven days prior to move date. This puts us in a position to provide you with a delightful experience.

Payment Terms

A $100.00 deposit will secure your moving date(s). The balance is due upon our arrival at your new home in certified check, cash or money order. For your convenience, Joyce Van Lines accepts all major credit cards in lieu of certified check or cash. Pre-payment of the estimated costs will be charged up to three days prior to your loading date. Once final charges have been calculated, your credit card will be adjusted.

Valuation (Cargo Protection Plan)

Valuation is the term used when referring to the level of cargo protection you choose in the event of any loss and/or damage. Joyce Van Lines offers two options, Full (Replacement) Value Protection, or Released Value of 60 cents per pound per article. Your preferred cargo protection plan must be confirmed prior to move date. Valuation is not insurance and is provided by the motor carrier under the terms of your bill of lading and the carriers’ tariff. Full Value Protection entitles the carrier to repair, replace, or reimburse you for loss or damage based on the replacement value of the damaged article. A minimum value of $6.00 per pound is required to purchase Full Value Protection. You should declare value to a level that is appropriate for your household goods. You cannot undervalue your shipment. Full Value Protection is the preferred choice among our valued customers. All items valued at greater than $100 per pound must be declared and listed on a separate high value inventory form prior to loading. Basic liability is at no cost to the client, and is limited to 60 cents per pound, per article. These types of claims will be settled monetarily. Be advised that this protection is minimal, and therefore, not adequate for most household furnishings. For additional coverage we suggest you obtain “Full Value Protection”.